About us

Our Consulting company staff engaged in practical accounting since 1984.

Most important is for those businesses that restore data in the chronology of accounting, liquidated, privatized, change the owner or office, etc., that is, information about financial-policy and financial and property should be examined with a view of the requirements for accounting and management records that were before the introduction of the “Law of Ukraine” On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine” in 1999.

As part of the audit firm “MV GROUP”, working professionals who’s degree in accounting, received in 1985.

Such fundamental knowledge of accounting is constantly provide our staff the ability to see the best method of solving problems and understanding the complexity of the accounting profession at the same time.

We are constantly improving their skills in accordance with internal standards of the company. In addition our staff undergo external training and testing, as evidenced by certification torturers:

  • Accountants practicing on international level
  • evidence of continuous improvement of professional knowledge certified auditors
  • auditors of insurance and financial organizations
  • teachers of accounting reform in Ukraine with the assistance of international organizations, USAID-IBTC
  • investment managers

Only modern knowledge can be a step ahead of changes in accounting and society, and we are proud of our young professionals – colleagues and students at a time.

These professionals are constantly engaged us to provide extraordinary approach to business in the state.

Experience in public institutions (tax inspector or inspector) allows our staff and see the other side of the studied issues.

In 2002 our company received liquidator qualification (property liquidator). Thus, our services assistant liquidator were poyednuva-thou professional auditor and crisis manager.

In the civilized world accounting is – not a dogma, not an arithmetic, and an art.

Audit, in our opinion, this ambulance owners (including shareholders), the governing-term and accountant.

The owner or manager, regardless of ownership, including budgetary institution or an enterprise that is partly financed from the state budget (and, of course, accountant) can order in our consultation, examination, audit or accounting support.

Setting our management and accounting in accordance with standards of Ukraine or in accordance with the standards of your partners will enable you to use obtained by data with confidence.

We also help you adapt in your administrative area.

Established our business plan enables the manager and owner in obtaining credit in other situations to achieve the intended result.

Professional responsibility of our company is insured in “;European insurance alliance.”